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Dr. Prem Nath
  PNASF is a Charitable Trust registered with the Government of Karnataka, India during December 1999 and was activated in June 2000. It is established to assist and encourage Indian agricultural scientists to address India’s agricultural problems and at the same time use their skills for the benefit of developing countries. It facilitates interaction of knowledge

Volume-III: Agriculture
News & Events
SEAVEG 2016 - The third in the pace setting series of symposia; SEAVEG, will focus on improved nutrition and livelihoods, ..
3rd All Africa Horticultural Congress (AAHC 3): Horticulture for Improved Livelihoods from 7-12 August 2016, at Ibadan, Nigeria. - We take pleasure in informing you that the 3RD ALL AFRICA HORTICULTURAL CONGRESS (AAHC 3) will take place from 7-12 August 2016,...
PNASF/SUN/WD-SHG/2005 - Promotion of Rural Women Self Help Group through Dairy Development Project..
SEAVEG 2014 - Families, farms, food - sustaining small-scale vegitable production and marketing systems for food and nutrition security
HIVEGSEA - 2012 - Regional Symposium of High Value Vegetables in Southeast Asia:Production, Supply and Demand, 24-26 January 2012, Pang Suan Keaw, Chiang Mai, Thailand..
Join PNASF Family and contribute your mite towards global food and nutritional security
ICH - 2009 - The PNASF, VEGINET and UAS, Bangalore along with other National ans International....
UPA - 2005 - The FAO and PNASF organized the first international workshop on Urban and peri-urban....
BRC - 2004 - The new book entitled "Food Security and Vegetables - A Global Prespective"..
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