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  • PNASF/Devki Devi Ahuja Fellowship/2001 & 2012: For Horticulture at the University of Horticultural Sciences (UHS), Bagalkot, Karnataka This fellowship for horticulture post graduate students was transferred from UAS, Bangalore to UHS, Bangalore.
  • PNASF/Dharmsheela Nath Scholarship/2006: For Food and Nutrition at the University of Agricultural Sciences (UAS), Bangalore The fellow Ms. Nayana P. continued with her M Sc. course.
  • PNASF/Devki Devi Ahuja Fellowship/2013: For Nutrition at the University of Agricultural Sciences (UAS), Bangalore The fellowship will be awarded to a post graduate student during this year.
  • PNASF/SPONSORSHIP/2010: PNASF Sponsored the National Seminar on Organic Terrace Gardening organized by the AME Foundation, APOF, UAS Alumni and IIHR, Bangalore held on September 9-10, 2010 at Hebbal, Bangalore.


  • PNASF/HORTIVAR/2009: FAO jointly with the PNASF organized the HORTIVAR Training Programme for three days to the benefit of the participants of the ICH-2009 during November 9-12, 2009 at Bangalore. The Hortivar is a geo referred database on performances of horticulture cultivars and platform for horticulture knowledge management and exchange globally. The training course was undertaken under the supervision and guidance of Dr. Remi Nono-Womdim, AGPC, FAO, Rome. Dr. Remi gave orientation to selected trainers and the trainers in turn trained the registered trainees. About 100 scientists, professors, students and progressive farmers were trained.


  • PNASF/ICH-2009: PNASF organized the International Conference on Horticulture (ICH-2009) held from November 9-12, 2009 in collaboration with University of Agricultural Sciences (UAS), Bangalore and Vegetable Science International Network (VEGINET), Bangalore at ITC Windsor, Bangalore. The Chairman, PNASF served as the Chairperson of the ICH-2009, Organizing Committee and the PNASF hosted the ICH-2009 Central Secretariat. PNASF Contributed funds to the ICV-2009.


  • PNASF/International Travel Assistance/2009: The PNASF granted travel assistance to Prof. Jules Janick, USA and Dr. San San Yi, Myanmar to participate in the International Conference on Horticulture (ICH-2009) in Bangalore.


  • PNASF/Travel Assistance/2010: The first award was granted to Dr. H.P. Sumangala of the Indian Institute of Horticultural Research (IIHR) to present the paper entitled “Horticulture of the Taj Mahal: Gardens of the Imagination” as a coauthor with Prof. Jules Janick, Purdue University, USA during the International Horticulture Congress (IHC-2010) organized by the International Society for Horticultural Science in Lisbon, Portugal on August 22-27, 2010.


  • PNASF/Dharmsheela/2005: PNASF received a grant from Dr. Prem Nath, Bangalore towards the promotion of post-graduate education of women in agriculture and food in India in the form of instituting a scholarship in the name of his wife Late Acharya Dharmsheela Nath. The PNASF-Dharmsheela Nath Scholarship will be initiated beginning 2006.


  • PNASF/MHPS/2005: The PNASF has implemented this ‘Biological Science and Nutrition Project’ for the benefit of school children of the Government Model Higher Primary School, Geddalahalli, Bangalore by providing financial assistance and expertise in crop husbandry.


  • PNASF/SUN/WD-SHG/2005: Promotion of Rural Women Self Help Group through Dairy Development Project: A project has been initiated by the Dr. Prem Nath Agricultural Science Foundation (PNASF), Bangalore in order to assist rural poor women, by generating income through raising dairy cows. The selected rural women will be taught the simple inexpensive and effective ways of income generation through rearing milch cows with the assistance of critical mass of experts who can devote time, skill and work with them till the project is self-sustainable.


  • PNASF/MHMML/2004: PNASF, Bangalore contributed funds to the Dr. M.H. Marigowda Horticultural Education and Research Foundation, Bangalore, towards organizing the periodical Dr. M.H. Marigowda Memorial Lectures.


  • PNASF/APOF/2004: PNASF, Bangalore co-sponsored the National seminar on ‘Operational Methodologies and Package of Practices in Organic Farming’ organized by the Association for Promotion of Organic Framing (APOF), Bangalore in association with Vittal Mallya Scientific & Research Foundation (VMSRF), Bangalore held at Kannada Sabhangana, University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore on October 7-9, 2004.


  • PNASF / UAS / 2003: PNASF granted fund to the ICAR National Potato Workshop for documentation held at the University of Agricultural Sciences, Hebbal from 5-7 September, 2003.


  • PNASF / VEGINET / 2003: PNASF approved the contribution as seed money to the Vegetable Science International Network (VEGINET) in order to initiate functioning of VEGINET Secretariat beginning March 2003.


  • PNASF/LOA/RAP/2002: PNASF received funds from the Food & Agriculture Organization of the United Nations for undertaking a field study entitled " Gender considerations in managing organic farming for food security & livelihood: Case Study in Karnataka" during 2002.


  • PNASF / ICV / 2002: PNASF organized the International Conference on Vegetables (ICV) held from 11-14 November, 2002 in collaboration with Indian Society of Vegetables Science (ISVS) and Indian Institute of Horticultural Research (IIHR) at ITC Windsor Sheraton & Towers, Bangalore. The Chairman, PNASF served as the Chairman of the ICV, Organizing Council and the PNASF hosted the ICV Central Secretariat. PNASF Contributed funds to the ICV 2002.


  • PNASF / HORTIVAR / 2002: FAO in collaboration with the PNASF had organized the Hortivar training programme for the ICV-Participants during the International Conference on Vegetables held from 11-14 November, 2002 at Bangalore. It is the database developed by the FAO, which gives the information about the cultivars of vegetable grown in different parts of the countries and the regions.


  • PNASF / FAO / 2002: PNASF facilitated the visit of FAO-Madagascar team to different Ecological Based Institutions in Bangalore.


  • PNASF/VELU/2002: PNASF received grant from Dr. (Mrs.) Sundari Velu, USA towards the promotion of Vegetables in India.


  • PNASF/ICV/2001: PNASF received a contribution from the Indian Society for Vegetable Science as a seed money for implementation of the International Conference on Vegetables (ICV).


  • PNASF/AHUJA/2001: PNASF received a grant from Dr. K. G. Ahuja towards the award of scholarship to post-graduate students in horticulture.


  • PNASF/FAO/IUC/2001-02: FAO/TFD-00/IND-003/ 2001 Project: Hybrid Seed Production in Vegetable Seeds by Physically Handicapped and Destitute People: PNASF received a grant from the Food & Agriculture Organization of the United Nations for the implementation of the project entitled "Hybrid Seed Production in Vegetable Crops by Physically Handicapped & Destitute People". The hi-tech horticultural activities undertaken by the physically and mentally challenged children at Dodaballapur centre, under the guidance of PNASF technical staff and IUC volunteers continued during the year 2004-2005.


  • PNASF/AHS/2001-02: The project “Top working in mango funded by the PNASF and implemented by the Agri-Horticultural Society (AHS), Hyderabad provided practical training to more than 50 growers in Hyderabad and Maharashtra. More than 1000 mango trees were top worked in about 30 orchards of the farmers. The AHS has brought out a leaflet entitled “Old mango into gold mango” during 2001-2003. The AHS is of the opinion that the new varieties developed by the research institution could be top-worked to update the existing orchards.


  • PNASF/SFAC/2001-02: The PNASF received fund from Small Farmers’ Agri-Business Consortium, New Delhi to undertake economic studies. Three Ph.D. students in Agricultural Economics at the University of Agricultural Sciences have been supported in preparing three feasibility studies on (a) turmeric, (b) tomato and (c) passion fruit for improving commercial production and processing. The following studies were completed and reports submitted.
    • An Economic Study on "Production, processing and marketing of turmeric in Karnataka" by Mr. G.B. Lokesh and Dr. M.G. Chandrakanth.

    • An Economic Study on "Varietal improvement of tomato for processing in Kolar, Karnataka" by Ms. Hari Shilpa, Dr. M G. Chandrakanth and Mr. G. B. Lokesh.

    • An Economic Study on "Feasibility of passion fruit exports from Kodagu District, Karnataka" by Mr. P.P. Muthappa and Dr. M G. Chandrakanth.
  • PNASF/FAO/2000: In order to augment the Household Food Security, the PNASF has contributed a sum of Rs. 1,00,000/- only on 29th September, 2000 to the FAO’s Telefood Programme in India.

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